Game artist, draws comics, and a true doodler.

Quick cinematography studies that I’ve been doing these days. It’s a great warm up before starting your day! :)

Yay! Finished a concept for work. I ended up really liking the initial design so went off to make a turnaround. It’s fun to see how your ideas develop through time. Hope to post a 3D model soon too!

Wyoming is the last state in the alphabet! :)

One state before the last one… Wisconsin’s Aurora.


GHOST BUSTERS!!! is what I’m doing for this week. woot woot. 

group tumblr with my co-workers :) check it out!

Making Fashionable ads for work to use for Times Square. :)

Molyjam 2013. 18 hours long game jam session that I participated with my super awesome co-workers! It was so much fun. You can play the game here: http://www.molyjam.com/games/323

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